Millions of people across the globe swear by meditation practice for symptoms such as chronic pain, stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation practice has been used throughout history in many countries by young and old alike.

Meditation for pain control can be beneficial in easing the symptoms of chronic pain by focusing and quieting the mind. It is important to note that some pains will always be present. Meditation does not cure the cause of the pain, but rather it is used as a coping mechanism. The idea is to change the perception of pain.

Meditation is a general term to describe a mind–body practice. This practice uses focus, concentration, relaxation and physical awareness. When you meditate, you can also use imagery, deep breathing, chanting and soothing sounds.

The goal with meditation for pain control is that through focus and awareness that spans beyond just your physical body, you are able to come to terms with the pain. Through meditation, one can come to the realization that the enjoyment in life can be greater than the pain itself.

Pain may always be a part of life. However, meditation teaches that while pain will affect your physical body, you control how that pain will affect your life.