Medicinal cannabis oils are products that are available in Canada to those who have a valid prescription from a physician. Cannabis oils are available through Licensed Producers. These products became available in 2015, after a ruling by the supreme court of Canada dictated that it was not ethical to restrict patients to having access to only dried cannabis. This ruling meant that those who were being prescribed medicinal cannabis would no longer be limited to smoking cannabis or have to suffer the arduous task over processing dried cannabis into something that they could use.

Licensed cannabis producers immediately began the steps to produce and distribute medicinal cannabis oils under the guidelines set out by Health Canada to thousands of Canadian patients across the country.

Medicinal cannabis oils are concentrated oils made from cannabis plants. They often include a base oil as well, such as olive oil or coconut oils. Different licensed producers will offer different strengths and strains of cannabis oils. The oils are categorized similarly to the way dried cannabis is categorized. Oils are grouped into CBD oils, Moderate or Blend oils, and THC oils.

Oils are sold as ready-to-use, and are taken orally. There is no heating or processing required. The onset and duration of cannabis oils is different than the inhalation method used with dried cannabis. When taking medicinal cannabis oil orally, it can take between 60-90 minutes before you begin to feel the effects of the oil. It is important that you wait the recommended 60-90 minutes to determine if the effectiveness of your medicinal cannabis oil. Not waiting the full 60-90 minutes can result in additional dosing and potentially taking more cannabis oil in one sitting than is recommended by your physician.

The effects of your medicinal cannabis oil can last between 6-8 hours which differs greatly from inhaled cannabis, which produces effects lasting 2-4 hours. This makes daytime use of cannabis oil suitable for patients who do not drive or operate heavy machinery. Cannabis oil can also be suitable for those who use medicinal cannabis products only in the evening, after work and errands of the day are complete. Medicinal cannabis oil is also suitable for those who need the effects of the cannabis to last the full night as they sleep. If using cannabis oil at night, be sure to take your recommended dose of cannabis oil 1-2 hours before you plan to be in bed.