We keep things dear to our hearts. We grow deep affections for them. We put great value on them and call them sacred. We fear losing them and suffer. We defend them by causing suffering for others, calling it honor. We make an image in our mind and try to change the world to match that image. We are certain of the reality we perceive and insist on the validity of our opinion based on that reality.

Others see it differently and conclude otherwise when conflict of opinions arise from different perceptions of reality.

How can we be wrong when we base our opinion on reality? Yet we interpret the same reality differently if we are extremely sad or extremely happy. What has changed? How can the reality change based on how we feel? Is reality a relative matter? The perception of reality is through connection of our senses to our thoughts. We interpret our senses through our thoughts.
Experience shows thoughts are open to different interpretation. As a result, the perceived reality changes based on different interpretation by different thoughts. Dogmatism comes out of taking one’s thought too seriously. This comes from ignoring the fact that different angles of view see the same phenomenon differently, so the result thoughts differ.
It is mostly not about right or wrong, but about where we stand at the spectrum of view. How can something so relative become sacred for us? Why do we suffer from fear of losing something so dear to us in future, or from regret of something lost in the past when it can all be interpreted differently from another point of view?

Our suffering and pain is real. We go through them every day. We suffer from thoughts of loss from the past and future. It is the time we created in our minds that connects us to the past and future, but our suffering happens at this moment, right now. It ruins our present moment, the only reality.

If we agree that the only reality is here and now, how do we perceive the present time? We do this with breaking from the time and stay in the stillness of the present moment. This moment is real and is the only existing reality. Feeling it without interpretation of thought makes it free from different points of view, it makes it a unique experience, in this moment, here and now. This experience is unique and happens inside us, in the TEMPLE where our MIND and BODY resides. Where things are present and real, where reality is not linked to time and thoughts, where suffering can be ended.