A DAILY DOSE OF MEDITATION MAY WORK BETTER THAN A DAILY DOSE OF MEDICATION ZENDOSE Practice MINDFUL SHOWER! Next time you take a shower,Try to BE really there,Stop thinking and feel the flow of water on you,TRY IT!

ZENDOSE Today practice by intentionally be more compassionate to others.Your one extra step of compassion can go a long way in healing you.

ZENDOSE Observe your ANGER,Feel your body sensations in anger,but stay as an observer,don't act,until it passes like a raining cloud,Try it

ZENDOSE The Horizon Inside is deeper than the horizon at sight, WAKE UP TO YOUR HORIZON INSIDE and start flying in it.

ZENDOSE Today practice MINDFUL HEARING.Bring your AWARENESS to the sensations of your hearing and stop the following trail of thoughts. Try

ZENDOSE: Try living today without any negative thoughts or feelings.Stop your trail of negative thoughts each time it starts. LIVE FREE NOW

ZENDOSE You can yield and overcome, bend and be straight, empty and be full. The powers we know are illusions.Real power is waiting IN YOU!

ZENDOSE #ZEN:A SECULAR practice for unbecoming who you are and becoming who you really are,to find inner peace.Can you afford not doing it?

ZENDOSE Your today’s #ZEN practice:DECIDE to be Happier,Kinder and Calmer today and remind it 3 times today.Feel effects tonight. LIVE ZEN!

ZENDOSE The BIGGEST SECRET in #Meditation:NOBODY DOES IT PERFECTLY.Think the mind is too busy to calm down?JUST DO IT, changes come in time

ZENDOSE I had many rich patients who were miserable and many poor patients who were happy.Is there a lesson here to meditate on? Seek Peace

ZENDOSE PRACTICE keeping a dignified body posture. Research shows Your Outlook affects your emotions and thoughts,believe it or not! Try it

ZENDOSE PRACTICE remembering to intentionally do acts of kindness to others especially when you are very down, enjoy it's healing effects!

ZENDOSE Zen is not a religion,so don’t worry if you are religious or not.You wont lose your faith or sign up for a new one with Zen. RELAX!

ZENDOSE Today practice repeating this chant: THIS IS NOT ALL LIFE AND LIFE IS NOT AL THIS.Repeat many times and do it when losing hope! You can get a dose of ZEN by following me at twitter @drkevinrod looking for #ZENDOSE

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Your Doctor may ask you to keep a Pain Diary. Why? Many patients keep a journal of their daily activities and how their pain changes with activities. Many patients say that it has helped them to better understand the relationship between their activities and pain. It has been used as a venting out tool for some patients as well. When we see our doctors we want to tell them how much better or worse our pain has become since we last saw them. The pain diary is a good tool to demonstrate that. It should be looked at more as an information tool than a healing tool. Although many of patients feel more in control by learning from their Pain Diary about their activities and pain relationship, it's effect on improving pain has not been proven by research. But it can help you and your doctor to objectively understand how your activities may relate to the severity of your pain. Then based on that information, decisions can be made about changing activities or pain treatments. If you decide to do it, be aware that it is only valuable if you stay consistent in doing it on a regular basis. Try it an see if it can help you.

Chronic PainRemedies

The courts in Canada have decided that patients can now use Medical Marijuana (Medical Cannabis) as Edibles. It means eating the Medical Cannabis cannot be considered illegal any more, although our Ministry of Health does not agree with this. There are few things to know now that this cat is out of box.

1- First of all, patients can still only get dried Medical Marijuana from the Health Canada Licensed producers. This will change in future, but for now Health Canada only allows dry plant to be sent to patients who have a medical document for it. Once they get the Medical Marijuana, they can use their own recipes to make brownies, cookies, etc., or they can ask someone to make it for them so long they can be sure that ALL of the their product is used for making their edibles.

2- Marijuana absorbs slower when one eats it compared to inhaling it. This has led into issues when patients had edibles and thought nothing is happening so they took more and became impaired for a long day!! So slower action is to be taken into consideration. The effect also lasts longer, so one should know that if they do not drive after inhaling Medical Marijuana for 4 hours,they should not drive for 6 hours after using edibles.

3- Dosing is an issue and many studies have shown that you cannot always trust what the label of edible marijuana says about the THC content (in places where edibles are available in prepared forms for sale). How much THC is in a drop or a cookie? It depends on many factors as how much THC was in the plant to begin with and how the edibles were made.

4- we should know that the effects of Medical Marijuana depends on many factors like the plant strain, mode of consumption (inhaling, eating, etc), Genetic composition of user, metabolism,concurrent use of other agents, etc.

5- Eating Marijuana and drinking alcohol or other sedative agent/medications together can cause major impairments. I will write more about this as we go, until then, STAY SAFE.

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Father and Son

Happy Father's Day to all fathers who have to ignore their weakness and sickness to support their family. To fathers who are in refugee camps and don't know where their children are. To fathers who had to bury their children and yet stand tall for the sake of others in family. To fathers who have to run between bombs and bullets to get water or food to their family. To father who their children have forgotten them. To fathers who take blame for their children's faults and accept the punishment with open arms. To fathers who give without any expectations. Happy father's day to fathers that never got a chance to see their children grow. To fathers who put on a brave face against all odds each day to give confidence to their children. To the ones who have never thought of themselves first. Happy fathers day to all who have lost their jobs but never lost their hopes for their children. To the ones who work nights, holidays, hard jobs and multiple jobs to bring comfort to their loved ones. Happy father's day to all fathers who can erase all hardship of life with one smile from their family. Happy father's day to all fathers of the world, alive or not, who gave us the gift of life.

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Violence is a behavioral reaction to negative emotions. Anger, greed, jealousy, insecurity, fear, lust and many other negative emotions can get out of hand and by acting out on them, one resorts to violence in order to calm the anxiety of not being able to deal with the negative emotions at the first place. The trail of negative emotions feeds from cumulating negative thoughts that build up over time. It hurts to have negative thoughts and feelings. It also hurts to act upon these negative thoughts and feelings. That is why the circle of Negative thoughts, negative emotions, anxiety and violence never ends if not broken. There is no win or gain in violence. It hurts the perpetrators and the victims quite the same way although they may feel it and present it differently. It is a double edged sword. It feeds into more negative feelings and create more violence. The violence source feeds from the result and the result feeds from the source, the saddest vicious cycle of human history. The healthy way is to stop the negative trail of thoughts and avoid build up of negative thinking habits. The disturbing negative feelings can be tracked by paying attention to tense body sensations and looking into the source of negative emotions that are causing these tense body sensations. Every step counts, let us all get on to this path of Non Violence and see the results together.

Patient’s Voice

What is life's value? All in the world or nothing at all? When we are happy we think of it as the most valuable and when sad we consider it worthless. So what is it worth? All or none? Some say, good or bad, life is what you make of it‎. Your perception makes your reality. Some believe that your state of emotions affect your state of mind and that is why you think nothing of life when you are sad. I tend to believe this because it gives me the hope that reality is very relative. There is always a better version of interpreting what I call reality around the corner and that can make me feel better. I like the idea of Me determining the value of My life instead of life having its own value without me. I like to believe My life is worth what I make of it. This puts me in a power position instead of being subject to a power. Having some control is always better than having no control at all. I prefer this way of thinking as it gives me hope instead of despair. Now it is up to you to determine the answer to this question: What is the value of your life?

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As a patient, when we go to our doctors we have a lot of anxiety. There is a lot about our conditions and how they affect our life that we want to talk about to our doctors. We carry a mixed bag of hope, fear, anxiety and discomfort with us. This makes expressing ourselves even more difficult at our doctor’s offices. Will the doctor shut us down if we want to explain everything we have on our mind? Will they listen? Even if they listen, will they really understand or care? Even if they understand and care, will they be able to help? Will they judge me for my condition? Will they think less of me if I tell the truth? Will they fire me as a patient and force me to start finding another doctor? What will happen if I can’t do what they ask of me? Is my doctor ready to deal with all aspects of my complex condition or will I be thrown around like a ball between different doctors, so each would look only at one corner of my issues? Will I have any say in all this? What are my rights and how protected will I be if I stand up for my rights? Will I be RED FLAGGED if I speak out? If I don’t want to fight but only need to get better, will they see that? I want to be responsible for my health, so I do my own research. Will they take into consideration what I say about my findings? Or will they laugh at me or brush me off like I am wasting their time? When they respect me, do they really respect me or this is just BEING PROFESSIONAL? Twenty years ago, no doctor would even look at anything alternative to the mainstream medicine. Now most of clinics claim to be interdisciplinary and it has become chick to have a naturopath or osteopath on board. So who decides to accept or reject something that may help me? Is it all medical evidences they care about or is the market trends? Will I have any say in this process? Hundreds of questions rush to our mind when we go to our doctors and we never get a chance to get answers to all of them. It is understandable that no doctor would have time for answering hundreds of questions. But it is reasonable to ask for our doctors to be open to hearing what we have to say within the limits of their time. Being open minded is an attitude which has nothing to do with time availability. If we expect that when we go to our doctors we may face a wall of rejection for our views, needs, opinions and choices, then it is normal to feel anxious each time we go there. We need our doctors to be more open minded about the subjects of their work: OUR BODIES AND MINDS. WE NEED MORE OPEN MINDED DOCTORS.

Patient’s Voice


Practice removing I from THOUGHTS, Me from EMOTIONS and MY from CALCULATIONS,open room for real YOU and real HAPPINESS, Here & NOW!

Today Practice: Feeling the sensations of your feet on ground, or body on chair, Be present when you feel, observe, LET GO, NOW!

Your ZEN for today is to practice doubting the real importance of what has made you mad lately, be honest and non-judgemental about it

Repeat 10 times:I AM LIFE’S MIRACLE, Write three things you like in your life. Read them and believe them!

Are we able to count how many hours, days, years we have spent worrying about something? Imagine how life could be without worry?!!

Your ZEN is your life, Life is your ZEN. Once you practice, it becomes your constant state of BLISS. It’s in you, bring it out NOW.

When you meditate, you become observer of events instead of being affected by them. Master this by practice without rushing it NOW.

Make a conscious effort to stop your negative thoughts as soon as you start to feel aggravated. Stop as soon as you feel it. Try it

If you want change, start from self changes. To live in a better world, improve yourself to a better person and enjoy the change.

Don't hate your pain or losses, it will make you hate yourself. Embrace your life and love yourself, then you can love your life.

This world is a mountain and our deeds are sounds. Our deeds echo back to us like the sounds. Make up your own life's song. Now!

Stars died for our world to become, billions of years of cosmic work, so we can have a look, it's your turn, ENJOY THE RIDE NOW!

The reality that we take so seriously is different from another point of view. Don't get too caught up in your reality!

MIND plays with EMOTIONS and we feel it in our body SENSATIONS. How far can a negative thought go? THINK POSITIVE NOW!!

Stop what you are doing for Five breathing cycles. Feel the breath, feel your body, feel the air, come back fresh to Present!

Anxiety is your body's reaction to fear. Danger is real but fear is made up by your mind. Decide not to fear, NO ANXIETY NOW!

Your Breathing is there with you free of charge to bring your awareness to 3 minutes a day and become stress free. Do it and Feel.

Serving others keeps you alive. Grow to help and Help to Grow.The circle of life is not closed, it's a spiral some know as heaven!

Free yourself of Fear, Anger, Envy and Regrets. Then you Make room for Courage, Peace, Acceptance and Love. Feel Living Free Now!!

Today whatever you do: JUST DO THAT. Make an effort to only focus on one thing at a time when you do things. See the benefit soon!

Happiness can happen by your own conscious decision to free yourself from worries, Can you afford not making this decision? Try it!

When stressed, see how your life is blessed with the ability to relax instead of react.The tension will pass before you know it.

The FEAR of LOSING WHAT YOU HAVE and the FIRE of SEEKING WHAT YOU DON'T, leave no room for LIFE to BLOOM. Find your LIFE HERE NOW!

Life is a MIRACLE if we WAKE UP to it. Life is a PRISON if we close eyes to it. It takes only a moment to wake up: BE PRESENT NOW!

You win, own, conquer and achieve, the pleasure is short. You help someone in need and the high lasts long. What does it tell you?

We all look for second chances in life. But if you are reading this, you already had many second chances by still being alive NOW.

The MOST BORING DAY of your life is a day when NOTHING BAD has happened to you. Meditate on the value of that and Enjoy the day!

Loving yourself is not being selfish. Loving and respecting others start from loving and respecting yourself. Allow it now for you

If you can't meditate perfectly, it's OK, NO ONE is able to do it perfectly. Try and you will get the benefit in time.

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