Knee exercises are an important part of your knee pain management if done properly. The following videos are examples of many knee exercises that may help you. Please check with your treating health care practitioner before you start doing them. This video presented by By Dr. Mercola from to learn exercises that will help reduce knee pain.

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Knee pain can be a sign of many degenerative or inflammatory conditions in the knee joint. Doing proper knee exercises can strengthen the muscles that support the knee joint and improve it’s function. In many cases, knee exercises can save you from surgery or help you to recuperate after surgery. This video presented by By Dr. Mercola from to learn exercises that will help reduce knee pain.

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art therapyWe all like beauty and art is the highest expression of beauty. But art can serve other purposes too. Art is a way of expression and for a patient it can open a window out of the loneliness of suffering. In art therapy, the art itself is not the main focus of the exercise. This is the point that makes art therapy different from art classes. In art therapy the therapist is there to give guidance and courage for the patient to start expressing themselves through art creations. It does not matter who good or bad one is in their art talents. The point is to unload the inner pressure of being sick, in pain and feeling lonely on the piece of art the is being produced. The quality of art that is being produced is not important at all. Many schools of psychology have done significant amount of research work on the use of art for psychotherapy, from diagnosis of different conditions to providing different types of therapy. The beauty of this technique is that you don't need to be an artist or be good at any form of art to benefit from it. Just use a pen and paper and draw what comes out of your mind. It may not even mean anything, but nevertheless it is your expression. Art is an expression beyond the boundaries of language. Your expression in art is allowed to be free and open from restrictions of any language for meaning or validity. So use your pen and paper, or use any color you like, or make a shape out of a formless object, or sing your heart feelings out, or dance the way you like or dress the way you feel lik, find a way to express yourself, unload the pressure and bring out the true meaning of your life by being alive.

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life-is-like-a-camera Your life can act as a camera. You can focus and take clear pictures, or be out of focus and be hazy in all you can see. You can select what pictures to take and save. You can delete all the negativity and take clear positive pictures by moving into light. You can share your positive images with others and create a community through your view of life. You can embrace changes in life by capturing what is important to keep at each step and learn to let go as you move on to the next step in your path. What is important is that these are all decisions you make. Decisions that would define the moments of your life. The moments that shape your whole life.

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At the end of our lives, what do we most wish for? For many, it’s simply comfort, respect, love. BJ Miller is a palliative care physician at Zen Hospice Project who thinks deeply about how to create a dignified, graceful end of life for his patients. Take the time to savor this moving talk, which asks big questions about how we think on death and honor life.

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An Old Persian Proverb says: Laughter can cure all incurable diseases! What it really means is that with laughter you can handle life much easier. Here is Dr. Mel Borin's LAUGHTER PRESCRIPTION for us: 1- Never make irreversible negative statements about your ability to be funny 2- Learn a new joke a day and practice telling it to others 3- Take a two-week break from sadness, violence and fear. Read listen and watch only funny books, videos and shows. 4- When someone laughs without putting others down, laugh with them 5- Wear something funny when stressed 6- Have a joke area in your home with funny items reminding you of laughing 7- Create JOY in WORKPLACE through creative ways: theme days, funny dress ups, jokes boards, etc. 8- When you are sick, that's the time to pay attention to laughter, jokes and play 9- Don't criticize others for being silly, be silly too 10- Laugh for NO REASON daily.

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Vitamin D is essential for absorption of calcium from our gut and the serum calcium- phosphate balance which are important factors for our bone health. Low levels of vitamin D can lead into brittle bones, balance issues and falls, aging issue, brain problem, predisposition to type 1 Diabetes disease and many other issues including chronic pain. There have been so many reports of the link between lower vitamin D levels and chronic muscles and bones pain that in many clinical practices it is recommended to check vitamin D in all chronic pain patients. Un-diagnosed or delayed diagnosed vitamin D deficiency can lead into prolonged suffering for these patients. Multiple researches have proven these conclusions. Vitamin D can be made by our body when exposed to sun ultraviolet rays or be found in our foods from different sources (see the picture above). Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin and gets absorbed better after food. Our liver and kidney's turn vitamin D to D3 which is the form that our cells can use for their needs. It is hard to get vitamin D3 toxicity so supplementation of Vitamin D3 1000 units per day is proven to be safe and beneficial in long term. Vitamin D deficiency is a condition that needs to be treated by prescription forms of Vitamin D through your doctor and will not be solved by taking the over the counter formulations. Discuss Vitamin D evaluation with your doctor if you have chronic pain.

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Exercise may help gaining better mood through different mechanisms. During exercise, better circulations happen to different parts of body including brain. Some good natural molecules like Endorphins are produced that have many biological effects including PAIN RELIEF and EUPHORIA or better mood. Better oxygenation and change of focus from negative thinking are important factors in helping to gain some better mood. If the exercise is done in a group setting it would add the socializing effect, or getting energized by seeing others in activity. Outdoors exercises would change the environment and create an new positive circumstance for the patients to relate to. Many researches have shown that if we add meditation and exercise to antidepressant medications, better treatment outcomes would be achieved. It is scientifically proven that adding a balanced exercise regime to treatment plan of many medical conditions would lead into better treatment results. There is significant co-relation or co-morbidity between chronic pain and depression, so it is important for treatment of any chronic pain condition to properly manage depression. Seeing is believing, TRY IT AND SEE THE RESULTS.

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Many natural remedies have been tried or promoted for Migraine Headache but not all of them have been well studied. Co-enzyme Q10 has been studied in clinical trials and proven better than placebo effects in reducing the number and severity of attacks in more than 50% of patients. It appears that the best effects would be achieved in long term use. In Migraine treatment, Prevention is of great importance. CO-ENZYME Q10 has been demonstrated by evidence based medicine as a relatively safe option to be considered for migraine prevention. The studied doses were between 150 mg to 300 mg per day. The effects were seen to start at around 4 weeks. The best effects were noted after 12 weeks of use.

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