As a patient, when we go to our doctors we have a lot of anxiety. There is a lot about our conditions and how they affect our life that we want to talk about to our doctors. We carry a mixed bag of hope, fear, anxiety and discomfort with us. This makes expressing ourselves even more difficult at our doctor’s offices. Will the doctor shut us down if we want to explain everything we have on our mind? Will they listen? Even if they listen, will they really understand or care? Even if they understand and care, will they be able to help? Will they judge me for my condition? Will they think less of me if I tell the truth? Will they fire me as a patient and force me to start finding another doctor? What will happen if I can’t do what they ask of me? Is my doctor ready to deal with all aspects of my complex condition or will I be thrown around like a ball between different doctors, so each would look only at one corner of my issues? Will I have any say in all this? What are my rights and how protected will I be if I stand up for my rights? Will I be RED FLAGGED if I speak out? If I don’t want to fight but only need to get better, will they see that? I want to be responsible for my health, so I do my own research. Will they take into consideration what I say about my findings? Or will they laugh at me or brush me off like I am wasting their time? When they respect me, do they really respect me or this is just BEING PROFESSIONAL? Twenty years ago, no doctor would even look at anything alternative to the mainstream medicine. Now most of clinics claim to be interdisciplinary and it has become chick to have a naturopath or osteopath on board. So who decides to accept or reject something that may help me? Is it all medical evidences they care about or is the market trends? Will I have any say in this process? Hundreds of questions rush to our mind when we go to our doctors and we never get a chance to get answers to all of them. It is understandable that no doctor would have time for answering hundreds of questions. But it is reasonable to ask for our doctors to be open to hearing what we have to say within the limits of their time. Being open minded is an attitude which has nothing to do with time availability. If we expect that when we go to our doctors we may face a wall of rejection for our views, needs, opinions and choices, then it is normal to feel anxious each time we go there. We need our doctors to be more open minded about the subjects of their work: OUR BODIES AND MINDS. WE NEED MORE OPEN MINDED DOCTORS.

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When a painful experience is not controlled, in some cases it can spread to other places with time. When the pain turns from acute to chronic, many changes happen over time. Many pathways that would normally be controlled and closed by gates or other inhibitory pathways would be excited and transmit pain signals to brain. This would facilitate sending pain signals to the level that at times non painful messages could be bunched up with the painful signals and become interpreted as pain messages. As a result of this mixed signals, pain can be perceived in previously non affected areas. The earlier a pain condition is properly diagnosed and treated the better would be the chances that these terrible changes would not happen. In many case early mobilization of an injured area would prevent further stiffness, muscle loss and joint tightness. Preventing these from happening are important factors for prevention of acute pain turning into chronic pain and spreading of pain to other areas. Do not let a pain condition drag along for long enough to cause all these changes as some of them may not be reversible once they are established. Seek help from your doctor and start physical therapy under supervision earlier than later, so your body can have the best chances of recovery.

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Your Pure, Kind and Happy spirit is still there waiting for you to return. Your greatest journey of all: return to your real self!

Kindness leads to happiness. Happiness is contagious, so your kindness goes a long way. Change the world to a better place with kindness!

Last time you were very ANGRY it probably took a day or two to PASS. Will you remember when you start getting angry? TRY CALMNESS!

Today you may laugh at what you called problems yesterday. What will you do tomorrow? Laugh at today's problems! Remember this!!

When you feel frustrated, tell yourself: This is not all life and life is not all this. Remember doing this and see the results!

Once we understand that the universe and us are one,we can enjoy more what we have and will never envy what we don't have. FEEL IT!

We are the biggest barrier to our own happiness. ALLOWING ourselves to be HAPPY will lift the barrier. You are worthy of HAPPINESS

The only Permanent rule in universe is IMPERMANENCE. Next time you are very down, remember this! Things will change in time.

We are made by our GENES to be HAPPY but trained by our upbringings to be unhappy. UNCHAIN YOUR HAPPINESS and let the GENES WORK.

Next time you take shower, see if you are really there or the first meeting of your day has already started in there. BE THERE.

The healing effects of RANDOM ACTS of KINDNESS is proven by research. All it takes to feel better is to practice it TODAY: BE KIND

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Have you considered committing suicide? Do you get this idea often? Do you feel you are alone against a wall and there is no way out?

I don't know if this will help in any way or not, but you may be surprised to know that almost 4% of population have the same suicidal ideas in their mind from time to time. As everything starts by feeling sad, it would be surprising to know that more than 11% of people have reports of Depression in their life time, MORE THAN ONE IN TEN. Yes, all those happy people you know and you thought all your life that they are so different from you are not so different after all. So there are many people feeling lonely and against the wall with no way out. But how will knowing that help your suicidal thoughts? More importantly, what is the difference between having suicidal thoughts or actually acting upon those thoughts and committing suicide? How do people end up KILLING THEMSELVES?

How may you end up killing yourself? What a horrible question!! But more horrible for those who are parents is the terrible thought that their young child may be thinking of suicide. What are the chances of that? According to the Center for Disease Control, suicide is responsible for almost 4,400 deaths of teens and young people each year in USA. In other words, suicide ranks number 3 when it comes to what causes the most deaths in young people. One out of each one hundred suicide attempts end up with death. About HALF A MILLION PEOPLE COMMIT SUICIDE each year in USA and other countries are not so far behind in statistics. If you had suicidal thoughts and even a plan to kill yourself, then all of a sudden you became aware of your child's plan for suicide, what would you do? What a terrible dilemma? Would you try your best to help them come out of their CRISIS? What is the basis of all these CRISIS INTERVENTION programs? Do they really work?

The fact is that over years of observation and intervention it is proven that if one is helped during their peak of depression with suicidal thoughts, their chance of committing suicide comes down a lot. It is exactly like the movies when someone pulls the actor down from the edge of balcony and saves their life. Crisis control is the act of helping someone at their worst and deepest point of depression when they plan to end their life and staying with them until the suicidal thoughts passes. The miracle is that although nothing in their life changes, the crisis passes and the thoughts go away. Like the old song that says: What a difference a day makes, a little 24 hours!! What would happen if we could be more aware about the people around us and help them in their crisis and stay with them until their crisis passes? If it happens to us, it sure can happen to others as well.

It is time for us to think and talk about these issues. We are not ashamed to talk about our heart conditions or diabetes or asthma. But when it comes to depression and suicide thoughts, we feel ashamed and fear the stigma. But how can we pass through crisis if we don't talk about it? Let us have the discussion going on these issues and remove the meaningless stigma from our CULTURE OF LIVING.

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Qigong is an ancient Chinese health care system that integrates physical postures, breathing techniques and focused intention. The word Qigong (Chi Kung) is made up of two Chinese words. Qi is pronounced chee and is usually translated to mean the life force or vital-energy that flows through all things in the universe.

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A SIMPLE PRACTICE: Each day write down three things you like about anything:yourself, your family, your city, your habits or hobbies, etc. Anything you like about anything can go on this daily list. After a couple of months of doing this, your outlook about life changes to a more positive state. Why? Because our mind gets used to repeating all the negative thoughts, images, feelings or memories non stop. It becomes automatic for the mind to work on a negative path without any efforts on our part. This effect happens because the hard wiring of our brain gets organized that way after a while. The GOOD NEWS is that this hard wiring of brain is not permanent and it can be changed with practice. With this simple practice of writing down three things you like about your life or anything else each day, you can change the hard wiring of brain to work positive. This changes your outlook about yourself and the world around you. Once your OUTLOOK changes to better, the WORLD you perceive will look much better.

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You are not alone

Our existence is more expanded than our bodies. We count ourselves as my body and my mind, and the boundary of me stops at that. However we are much more than that. every single person we meet from the day we are born into this world, in person or remotely, becomes a part of us and we become a part of them. Some are closer or farther than what we know or feel, but we become connected from the day one. The real HUMAN CHAIN is connected through our plant earth.   We are much more expanded than our own physical body and spiritual mind, we are part of others and others are part of us in our time on this plant. As a matter of fact, our effect stays on this plant for much longer than we think after we are gone. If we wake up to this reality that we are all connected, we realize that we are not alone. In fact you are connected to many more than you think in this world and you are never alone. Life may feel lonely, cold, poor or painful. Life can be cruel and unjust. But Life has never created loneliness since its inception on this planet. The first cell that becomes alive will divide to become two as soon as it can. Loneliness is not the way of nature. Loneliness is the creation of our mind, when we close our eyes to our connectivity to others. Open your eyes and see: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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If you verbalize in your mind everything you are doing for a while, your mind will stay at present and peace. Try it and enjoy it.

The most important destination in our life is not reached by going anywhere, but by coming back to our real self, here and now.

Positive Thoughts affect Emotions leading to Body Sensations, but this goes both ways. Improve Thoughts by harmonic body motions!

The Greatness of Being Nobody! We get caught up in position and possession. Greatness comes by being Nobody and connecting to all.

The only Permanent rule in this universe is impermanence. If we believe that, we can believe any bad situation is not permanent!

Research shows your Posture affects your Mood. The way you look affects the way you feel. Look straight and strong to feel strong!

This is the BEST TIME of your life. The ONLY TIME there is: The PRESENT TIME. Enjoy the only time you have which is the best time!

The difference between seeing and LOOKING, touching and FEELING, hearing and LISTENING is the difference between BEING here or not.

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The disconnect between BEING and DOING is amazing. We get so busy in our life doing so many things that we become slaves of doing them. We end up not really be present and be alive in the moment while we do things. When we become slaves to do things just to get them done and not BE PRESENT when we do them, there is less joy and more pain. We hear less, see less, touch less, smell less and taste less of anything. we simply get too busy doing things that we forget paying attention to our senses. Even when it comes to our health, we are so busy doing thing for getting to better health that we forget how to BE HEALTHY. The disconnect between DOING and BEING adds to our suffering. Mindfulness practice can reduce and ultimately eliminate this disconnect and suffering. Suffer less through BEING MORE.

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